Lac du Lauzerot

Lac du Lauzerot

Lake and glacier
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A trail suitable for all, in the shadow of the larches as far as the Lac du Lauzerot.
Discover this short walking loop with the whole family! Make your way gently uphill to the Cabane de Fumoras and the larch forest. Continue up a gentle incline to the chapel of Le Lauzerot which stands in an enchanting meadow - a flower-filled wonderland. After a few metres sof suspense, you will come to the shores of the lake which has special amenities for your enjoyment.


From the stopping area, take the track which rises to the left before the spring «Combal de Valette».

  1. After passing the cabin, head along the right-hand track. Go through the mesh fencing, via the opening provided.
  2. From here, immediately join the path leading downhill to the right.
  3. Go through the fencing again to the right of the chapel of Le Lauzerot, and then follow the path on the left. Skirt around the lake and then take the path on the left.
  4. On the forest track, turn right. This brings you back to the parking area.
  • Departure : Crots
  • Arrival : Crots
  • Towns crossed : Crots

6 points of interest

  • Flora

    Meadow sages

    Also called wild sage, this is the biggest plant in the mint family. They have a highly specialised pollination mechanism. When an insect inserts its proboscis into the flower to reach the nectar store, it triggers the other end of the structure to tip forward and touch the insect's back, transferring pollen and thus ensuring the plant's reproduction. It also possesses numerous medicinal properties, in particular against bronchitis, angina and flu, among other ailments.
  • Fauna

    Black woodpecker

    The male has a red "cap" at the top of his head, which is reduced to a red nape in the female. A tireless drummer, this bird hollows out holes in the trees in which to raise his young, but also to dislodge grubs and insects hidden in the wood. The beak grows continually to compensate for the wear it is subjected to. The bone structure of the head is reinforced. The skull and beak are separated by shock absorbing cartilage.

  • Flora

    Wild spinach

    This spinach, also known as Good-King-Henry in reference to King Henry IV to whom we owe its use as a culinary vegetable. The upper side of the leaf is covered in a light floury powder, like micro-beads to the touch. They are edible when young and can be eaten in salads or cooked, like the spinach we are more used to eating.
  • Vernacular heritage

    Chapel of Notre Dame du Lauzerot

    The chapel was built in 1873 by the parish priest, Father Doutre, in veneration of Our Lady of Laus. It was the first chapel of ease, a remote chapel built for isolated parishioners. It is hexagonal in shape, as is the original. For a number of years, a pilgrimage festival was held here. At the beginning of the century, the building was in a delapidated state and was even vandalised in 1972, when the first lake disappeared to make way for a replacement. It was not until 1993 that a benevolent local craftsman renovated it completely.
  • Lake

    Lac du Lauzerot

    The lake lies at 1,625 metres above sea level. It was created in 1979 by the Office National des Forêts, the French national forestry agency. This lake replaced a former lake which used to exist further uphill and which was lost 7 years ago with the installation of the water source catchment which supplies drinking water for the municipality of Les Crots. The lake lies in pleasant surroundings, where anglers and hikers pass one another with a friendly greeting.
  • Flora


    This bellflower is highly characteristic, in particular because of its bell-shaped flowers. The bellflower has hermaphrodite flowers, that is to say, both male and female. This rustic plant loves the sun and dry ground. Some species of seedling can withstand arid soils at high altitude.


Altimetric profile


The hamlet of La Draye is an essential stopping point to admire an exceptional larch tree which is more than 600 years old.

Information desks

Tourist office Crots

Place des Ballerins, 05200 Crots
All year long : Monday to Saturday : 9.30 - 12.00
From July 15th to August 15th: Monday to Saturday, 9.30 - 12.00 & 14.00 - 18.00 Tuesday ans thursday
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Access and parking

From Crots, follow the D90 which runs through the hamlet of La Montagne. Take the forest road « la grande cabane » (the large mountain). Park on the bend, in the spaces on the right.


Emergency number :114

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