The Roche Rousse belvedere

The Roche Rousse belvedere

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This trail takes you to the top of the Roche Rousse crag with its vantage point over Châteauroux and the Rabioux valley.


  1. Walk up the road for 300 metres and take the narrow path running uphill behind the first houses.
  2. A short distance further up, join the road running through St-Etienne. Follow it for 150 metres and turn left onto the old mule track (signed "Sentier muletier").
  3. Just before you reach a small plateau bare of trees, take the path on the left (yellow signposting) and after two small bends you come to Roche Rousse.
  4. You reach the belvedere after a gentle descent bringing you out of the trees. Follow the same route in reverse to return to the car park.
  • Departure : Car park at the Roche Rousse climbing school ("École d'escalade"), Châteauroux-les-Alpes
  • Arrival : Car park at the Roche Rousse climbing school ("École d'escalade"), Châteauroux-les-Alpes
  • Towns crossed : Châteauroux-les-Alpes

4 points of interest

  • Flora

    Common juniper

    Capable of living for up to 400 years, this shrub has a prostrate growing habit and can even creep horizontally when it reaches its height limit. Lower down, it adopts a straight, regal bearing. Its very sharp needles are arranged in groups of three. It is easily recognisable from its purple and fleshy berries, borne only by the female plants. They are used as aromatics due to their digestive virtues.

  • Flora

    Savin juniper

    The savin juniper, a dark matte green shrub with a spreading growth habit, is covered not with spines but with smooth, fleshy scales. Do not pack its berries because although they resemble those of the common juniper, they are poisonous and can cause haemorrhages.
  • Panorama

    The Roche Rousse belvedere

    On the other side of the Durance, the view from left to right takes in the Pic du Clocher, the Pic St-André, Mont Orel, Le Pouzence and Le Morgon, among others, and, below, the village of Châteauroux. The mountains above are Mont Guillaume, L'Hivernet, Soleil Boeuf and the Le Rabioux valley with the Col des Tourettes, although only one of its two tourettes (small towers) is visible.
  • Flora

    Juniperus thurifera or Spanish juniper

    Clinging firmly to the rock wall, this grey-green tree with a twisted trunk defies the laws of gravity. It can withstand hot sun, wind and very low winter temperatures. It gives off a pleasant scent due to the oil contained in its small scaly leaves.


Altimetric profile


Be sure to supervise children closely to prevent them from getting too close to the cliff edge.

Information desks

Maison du Parc de l'Embrunais

Place de l’Église, 05380 Châteauroux-les-Alpes 92 43 23 31

Information, documentation, exhibition, screenings, products and books of the Park. Accessible to people with reduced mobility. Free admission. All animations of the Park are free unless otherwise stated.

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Access and parking

Drive to St-Marcellin and follow signs for St-Etienne. Park at the Roche Rousse climbing school ("École d'escalade").

Parking :

Car park at the Roche Rousse climbing school ("École d'escalade"), Châteauroux-les-Alpes


Parc national des Ecrins

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